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I have comprehensive experience with all aspects of retail store operation, from new store creation to existing store optimization. How I work with clients varies – for some I have an ongoing relationship to fill specialized needs such as product selection, purchasing, vendor identification, or whatever the need may be.  For others, the engagement is a project with a defined beginning and end.

Product Selection, Development & Merchandising

  • Specialized product identification service via trade shows & gift markets

  • Ongoing buying based on goals & budget

  • Vendor identification and relationship-building

  • New product development and licensing

  • Visual merchandising & display


Museum Store Sales & Operations

  • Retail staff hiring & training assistance (from manager to assistants)

  • Setting and training a customer service approach

  • Point-of-sale (POS) and Back-End Systems

  • eCommerce Conceptualization and Implementation

  • Custom product identification and development

  • Establishing an open-to-buy figure

  • Adherence to UBIT tax and copyright laws 


New Store Development

  • Store & fixture design (custom or pre-fabricated) 

  • Lighting design

  • Retail POS system selection

  • Identify target audiences (visitor sub-groups)

  • Initial Buying Plan & inventory selection based on audience(s)

  • Complete retail or museum store branding

  • Sales permits, Policy & Procedure development

Expert Guidance

I have been in the gift industry since I was very young traveling with my dad to gift shows all over the United States, he had a permanent showroom in the Dallas World Trade Center for many years. I have over 24 years experience in the museum store industry and am a leader in my field. Please contact me and we can connect to see if I can be of service to your institution. I look forward to hearing from you!


Specialty Services

Buying & Staying On-Trend – perhaps the fastest and most cost-effective way I help clients is through buying and product selection services!  My years of experience and frequent attendance at trade shows allow me to stay on top of the latest trends and products.  I can do the legwork for you by attending gift markets, visiting with vendors, then providing the client PO’s for review and approval.  This includes local/regional artists with whom I’ve worked with extensively.  


Visitor Services & Wayfinding - I have experience in training the point person who greets your patrons and sets the stage for their visit. I can consult on signage around your building and mapping. I can also aid your organization construct a visitor services team that can train docents and guards on what to say when visitors ask unusual questions. I can help with discussion of emergencies and explore and train staff what the action plans should be in all types of circumstances.


Custom Product Development - what makes your institution stand out?  I can help you identify what makes your institution unique, which then allows you to create one-of-a-kind products that can only be purchased at your museum. I have extensive experience and training regarding copyrighting including having served several years on the University of Oklahoma Copyright Committee. I have taken many courses from UBIT tax law expert Paula Goedert.  I’ve also collaborated extensively with museum store peers on UBIT issues unique to museum / cultural center facilities.

Get In Touch!

Thanks for reaching out!

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