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Jin brings nearly 30 years of award-winning retail experience, including 23 years focused on museums & cultural centers.  Her experience is comprehensive – from new museum start-ups to optimizing existing store success. Her special skill is creating an inviting and unique atmosphere for a given store, then finding or creating a unique mix of products that visitors love, reflect the organization's mission and personality, and are profitable. 

“This is why I love what I do – all the work in advance comes down to that individual interaction with a visitor. I live for that feeling when I see a patron has found the unique item that truly makes them happy, or is a perfect gift for someone special to them.  That’s what makes it magical - watching patrons further their knowledge while interacting with your store and products, which genuinely reflect your mission. Everything I do centers on creating these individual moments.”

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Key Elements of Jin’s Product & Customer Approach


  • Creating a destination museum store with an identity as that "go-to" place you can always find something special and unique, with a great mix of proven sellers and new items you can’t find anywhere else. 

  • Selecting products that fit & serve the mission of the organization as a whole and specific exhibits or events.  This may include unique art or artisan items, custom branded products, or items from specific locations.

  • Have all customers in mind when selecting items and pricing, so that they are accessible to adults and children, acknowledging different interests, budgets, and levels of commitment to your mission.

  • Love of customer interactions and proactively, yet respectfully, helping each customer find just the right product for their needs. Setting an example of memorable customer service for staff and visitors.

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Get In Touch!

Thanks for reaching out!

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